Solidarity dinner to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fundación del Valle

On the night of Saturday, October 20, we were happy to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our Foundation. They were present all those people who, in one way or another, were protagonists in Fundación del Valle throughout the years.

Thanks to the generous collaboration of some volunteers from Villanueva University, our guests enjoyed a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

The dinner took place in the Centro Nacional de Golf de Madrid restaurant

At the time of the desserts, our President Cristina Rubio addressed us a few words explaining all the achievements made by Fundación del Valle throughout these 30 years.

The Jiménez de Andrade family, represented by Dª Angeli Astorqui (widow of D. Santiago Jiménez de Andrade), all her children and some of her grandchildren, received a memorial plaque from our President expressing our gratitude for their dedication and collaboration throughout these 30 years.

Next, Isabel Fernández Acín, volunteer of our Uganda Kids Valley project, gave us a shocking testimony of her stay there and showed us a video so she could share her experience:

After that, a solidarity raffle took place which was eagerly waited for by all the attendees because of the valuable gifts being raffled.








It was an exciting night where the current team and the people who were previously part of Fundación del Valle could all meet:

What a great night it was, and we want to give thanks to all those who accompanied us, but also to those of you who could not come, as you were also present and we will always appreciate your unconditional support.

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