On Friday December 22 2017,  the Delegate of Fundación del Valle in Ciudad Real, Encarna Luque with the group of volunteers, organized in Ciudad Real a conference-colloquium under the theme “Guatemala, three generations of women” in the Club Alcudia located in the city center.

The objective was to raise awareness of the situation of women in Guatemala and the strategy of FdV to guarantee their rights.

The project that we are currently executing along with our local partner FUNDAP “Qualification of health agents as a means to prevent and address health problems, especially the malnutrition of children from coastal communities of the department of Quetzaltenango” was explained and is being financed by Diputación de Ciudad Real.




Thanks to this project, Fundap and Fundación del Valle will continue collaborating to reduce the serious problems of child malnutrition and improve primary health care in the rural communities of that country.

A total of 135 health promoters, 120 children and 60 pregnant mothers will be trained, who will be assisted in the nutritional recovery program and 375 people will be sensitized in hygiene, nutrition and health.

After the presentation, a question and discussion session took place and the attendees left with a clear commitment to publicize the project so that more people get involved and continue this great initiative.

In the image, with some of those attending the event, Encarna Luque, FdV Delegate in Ciudad Real, Marisa García de Blas, FdV Board Member and Belén Valenzuela, FdV Projects Coordinator and Leticia Díez Estella from the General Managing of FdV: