CONGDE renews the Seal of Transparency and Good Government to Fundación del Valle

CONGDE (DNGO Coordinator of Spain) has just renewed the Transparency and Good Governance Tool until 2022.

Here you can see the seal that they have granted us once more as an “evaluated DNGO”.

CONGDE has expressed its gratitude and congratulations to our Institution for the effort we have made to participate in the review with an external audit.

The Tool, by its nature, is an instrument focused on constant improvement, both for individual organizations and for the entire Third Sector.

Moreover, it is a responsible exercise of self-regulation whose objective is to promote transparency and good governance among the coordinator’s DNGOs. To do this, it identifies a series of parameters that the Sector as a whole has described as good practices.

The Tool also implies a public action of accountability.

Through this link you can access the Transparency and Good Governance page of CONGDE to know what the main results of 2018 have been.

We make available to you the complete Document of the Transparency and Good Governance Certificate Report granted to Fundación del Valle.


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