In 1988, a group of people set up Fundación del Valle, an independent, non-profit institution, that owes its name to the street it saw it efforts going from strength to strength. Twenty years on and Fundación del Valle remains committed to our Mission that consists of carrying out social initiatives, educational in nature, aimed at training young people and children, the socio-cultural promotion of women, carrying out development cooperation programs and promoting volunteerism. We have a clear Vision that accompanies all these actions and is found in the phrase Education, the way to peace, we protect education as an essential social good, a universal human right, key to a country’s development and the fight against poverty.

In the last 25 years we have managed more than 130 projects of cooperation for development in 15 countries, supporting more than 250,000 people in improving their living conditions.


Fundación del Valle is an independent non-profit organization; it was classified by Ministerial Order on 24/04/1988 and is registered in the Registro de Fundaciones del Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales, registration no. 28/0855. The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has granted Fundación del Valle accreditation as a ‘Qualified NGO, specializing in education’, in accordance with paragraph 1.6 of Resolution of 22 April 2009 and under the powers set forth by R.D. 1403/2007, which approved the AECID Statute.

Sector of specialization: EDUCATION

Education is at the core of our projects. We constantly seek the integral development of the human person to ensure their human right to quality education. With our integrated focus, we address those activities, tangential to the project, aimed at meeting the basic needs of the beneficiaries, such as food, housing and health care.

In particular we call on competent authorities to involve citizen, teacher and community groups in developing concrete action plans. The ultimate goal is to provide and maintain public education which is free and of good quality for all, with priority investments in schools and teacher training with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable.

Therefore, our education goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Improvement of universal access to basic education and training. In this way we will contribute to the accomplishment of the 2nd Millennium Goal: Achieve universal primary education
  • Improvement of the quality of basic education and training
  • Improvement of equity in education, with special attention to the situation of inequality faced by girls and women
  • Improvement of the continuity and flexibility of the education system