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Management and Human Team

At Fundación del Valle, we reaffirm our commitment on a daily basis to our fundamental mission and our objectives in accordance with our strategic plan. Our daily work is based on work done professionally and with a clear vocation of service. For this, we strive to mark each day with a surge of effort, enthusiasm and desire to excel.

Honorary Trustees:

  • Don Juan Alfonso Cardenal
  • Don José María García Hoz
  • Doña Covadonga O’Shea de Artiñano
  • Doña Magdalena Salazar Palma
  • Doña Mercedes Cerero Real de Asúa
  • Don Fernando Chiclana Lucena
  • Don José Luis Villanueva Diaz

Board of Trustees:

  1. PRESIDENT: Mrs. Cristina Rubio Basabe
  2. VICE-PRESIDENT:Mr. Pablo Pastor Quintana
  3. SECRETARY: Mrs. María Basagoiti García-Tuñón
  4. Member: Mrs. Natalia Centenera Ulecia
  5. Member: Mrs. Carmen Díaz Sánchez
  6. Member: Mrs. María José Noya Fernández
  7. Member: Mr. Enrique José Quemada Clariana
  8. Member: Mrs. Mª Luisa García de Blas Valentín-Fernández
  9. Member: Mrs. Susana Latonda Crespo
  10. Member: Mrs. Begoña Fornés Azcoiti
  11. Member: Mrs. Mª Josefa Cantón Góngora

None of the members of the governing body holds positions in the same institution (political party, union, business group, religious congregation or public administration).

Management Team:

General Manager: Mª. E. Leticia Díez Estella
Director Assistant, Communication and Sensitization: María Díaz-Azarola

International Cooperation

Project Coordinator: Belén Valenzuela Rodríguez-Miñón
Technical at Headquarter: María Mallada Machín

Educational Projects for Youth and Women

Project Coordinator: Mónica Sanz Martínez

Raquel Gómez Valcárcel, Bárbara García Menacho, Susana Ramírez Parrondo, Mª Teresa Calvo González y Mercedes Martínez-Yurrita (*)

Legal Services and Human Resources: Emilia González Wandosell

Finance Services and Accounting: IBERLEGA Abogados y Asesores, S.L.

IT Services: Gabriel Font Boix (*)

Territorial Delegations:

Andalucía: Margarita Maldonado (*)
Castilla La Mancha: Encarna Luque (*) (Toledo: Rose Martín Martín-Consuegra)
Castilla y León: Jesús Fonseca (*) (Valladolid: Juan Silvela)


Política de RRHH de Fundación del Valle

Here you have some pictures for you to know more about us:

Our President, Cristina Rubio: Speech on the 30th Anniversary of Fundación del Valle dinner

The team at the Headquarters in Madrid.