Principles and Values

Fundación del Valle sees the person as an individual of rational and transcendent nature, man or woman, created by God, whose dignity is not dependent on race, sex and situation. Every human person has equal dignity, making them worthy of all respect. You can learn more about how we act in our Code of Conduct.

Our Principles:principios

* We believe in full human dignity as a creature of God.
* We strive for the integrated development of the person; therefore, as a preliminary step to ensure access to education, we address the basic needs of beneficiaries: food, housing and health.
* We argue that the beneficiaries are the protagonists of our projects, since they actively participate in ensuring their needs are defined in the design of the projects that we work with. In this way we can ensure their maximum social impact.
* We promote the institutional strengthening of the local entities and partners that we work with. As such, with the support of our technicians and our local partners, we train the population of the areas where we work and foster leadership among them. We encourage the building of communities and associations that can serve as a tool to defend their identity, their culture, interests and future.
* We seek long-term sustainability in our projects, and so we formulate continuity plans to ensure that our projects accomplish technical and economic independence upon their completion.

valoresOur Values:

* Culture of Quality: Fundación del Valle has a set of procedures that are applied on a daily basis to achieve the continuous improvement of our work, since we are aware that there is no efficiency in management unless there is a quality system.
* Professionalism and technical efficiency: we seek continuous improvement in the management and organizational skills of our local partners, volunteers and staff. Quality of work and professionalism is a commitment shared by everyone involved in our projects.
* Rigour in control of expenses, for which we apply a strict system of cost control.
* Transparency: we keep our donors and finance providers informed and always respect their wishes when it comes to the destination and application of their donations and grants.
* Communication: we communicate with clarity and faithfulness, and try to reflect the problems that we approach with optimism.
* Promotion of volunteering: we recognise the value of their civic commitment in favour of solidarity and we thank them for their useful and vital work.