Roviralta Foundation once again funds our Cooperation projects

     ROVIRALTA 2018 CORDES The María Francisca de Roviralta Foundation has granted us financing for part of our Cooperation project in El Salvador "Promotion of institutional, economic and human capacities for the integral development of women in the municipalities of Tecoluca and Zacatecoluca, El Salvador" The project aims to provide an answer and guarantee [...]


Subsidy from the Majadahonda City Council (Madrid) for our project with FUNDAP Guatemala

MAJADAHONDA CITY COUNSIL 2018 FUNDAP The Majadahonda City Council (Madrid) has recently announced to us a subsidy to execute our project: "Strengthening of the first level of health care to ensure comprehensive and quality care for women and children, with emphasis on prevention and early detection of malnutrition in San Marcos and Queztaltenango. Guatemala". The purpose [...]

The Faculty of Biology of the Complutense University of Madrid carries out a research work together with Fundación del Valle

  The Faculty of Biological Science of the Complutense University of Madrid, inside its Network of Work in Applied Research for development, has published the Multi-use species reforestation Manual, concerning the case of bamboo in the Bajo Lempa (El Salvador). This work is part of the project "Cooperation in research and sustainable development in the region [...]

Comunidad de Madrid approves us a new labor insertion project in El Salvador

                      Community of Madrid has approved the project "Improving the possibilities of youth labor insertion in the ALN, especially in the municipalities of San Juan Nonualco and San Rafael Obrajuelo", with a subsidy of 49,028.00 euros  and a total cost of 78,122.07 euros. San Rafael Obrajuelo [...]

Our students in Uganda receive a large donation of books

  This week a large amount of books have been donated by many people, who have given their books to this project, thus keeping it so alive! Many of them are textbooks in English, which will be a great help and support for the school students.

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Testimony from the women responsible for our project in El Salvador

       Thanks to the support of the Valladolid City Council, Fundación del Valle and CORDES, we have been able to strengthen the two Women's Municipal Offices of Zacatecoluca and Tecoluca during the last year, with the aim of improving the services and attention that they offer to women. At the same time, the [...]

Visiting young students and the authorities in the field

These days, in El Salvador, we are visiting the protagonists of several of our projects: the AECID Convention for the Prevention of Youth Violence in a consortium with CESAL, the one financed by the City Council of Valladolid, another one subsidized by the Community of Madrid and finally the project funded by the Complutense University [...]

Work meeting of the AECID Convention staff in El Salvador

Our Cooperation Projects Coordinator, Belén Valenzuela, is in El Salvador these days in order to follow up on the AECID Convention "Direct participation of the Salvadoran youth in the management, implementation and monitoring of violence prevention public policies", held in consortium with CESAL. Work meeting of project managers. Belén Valenzuela with Raquel Nolasco and Manuel, [...]

Our Uganda Kids Valley volunteers ready to travel on the ground

Next Thursday 26th July, a large group of university students and professionals will come back to Uganda to resume the work they began last summer. On this occasion, they have prepared a workshop to train in hygiene and health, aimed at women. They are announcing the training now with much success as there are many [...]

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Probitas Foundation approves us a health project against tropical diseases

      Probitas Foundation has approved us an important grant to carry out an ambitious sanitary project that we will carry out with our local partner in Honduras, ACOES: "Reduced the incidence of neglected tropical diseases with greater impact in the marginal zone of New Capital (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) through of a model of community intervention [...]