Comunidad de Madrid approves us a new labor insertion project in El Salvador

                      Community of Madrid has approved the project "Improving the possibilities of youth labor insertion in the ALN, especially in the municipalities of San Juan Nonualco and San Rafael Obrajuelo", with a subsidy of 49,028.00 euros  and a total cost of 78,122.07 euros. San Rafael Obrajuelo [...]

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Testimony from the women responsible for our project in El Salvador

       Thanks to the support of the Valladolid City Council, Fundación del Valle and CORDES, we have been able to strengthen the two Women's Municipal Offices of Zacatecoluca and Tecoluca during the last year, with the aim of improving the services and attention that they offer to women. At the same time, the [...]

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Solidarity dinner to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fundación del Valle

On the night of Saturday, October 20, we were happy to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our Foundation. They were present all those people who, in one way or another, were protagonists in Fundación del Valle throughout the years. Thanks to the generous collaboration of some volunteers from Villanueva University, our guests enjoyed a friendly [...]

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Aligned with the 2030 Agenda: SDG

    In Fundación del Valle we work aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda and, therefore, one of our Corporate Volunteer programs is called "Educating in Sustainable Development Values". With this program we want to "train trainers" in order to raise society's awareness of the need to apply the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in our [...]

Visiting young students and the authorities in the field

These days, in El Salvador, we are visiting the protagonists of several of our projects: the AECID Convention for the Prevention of Youth Violence in a consortium with CESAL, the one financed by the City Council of Valladolid, another one subsidized by the Community of Madrid and finally the project funded by the Complutense University [...]

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Work meeting of the AECID Convention staff in El Salvador

Our Cooperation Projects Coordinator, Belén Valenzuela, is in El Salvador these days in order to follow up on the AECID Convention "Direct participation of the Salvadoran youth in the management, implementation and monitoring of violence prevention public policies", held in consortium with CESAL. Work meeting of project managers. Belén Valenzuela with Raquel Nolasco and Manuel, [...]

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The 30th Anniversary of Fundación del Valle golf tournament took place at Golf Santander

On Saturday, July 7, we organized in Golf Santander (in the Financial City of Santander, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid), the charity Golf Tournament commemorating the 30th anniversary of Fundación del Valle. The course, considered one of the best golf courses in Spain, was the setting for our players to enjoy a privileged environment, good weather [...]

Our Annual Report is here!

We are pleased to present the Annual Report of Fundación del Valle 2017. As you can see, it includes the effort that, thanks to you, has allowed us to continue working in favor of Youth, Women and Children. Our mission is still topical and requires our continuous effort and your unconditional support. In PageFlip format [...]

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End of the activity of the Project “Europe works for you to work”

In May 2017, the Erasmus + program finances Fundación del Valle the project EUROPE WORKS FOR YOUR WORK in which three member countries of the European Union - Spain, Finland and Estonia - exchange practices with the aim of promoting high-quality work in the field of education,  that responds to the needs of young people [...]

Play in Golf Santander in solidarity: 30th Anniversary Golf Tournament of Fundación del Valle

As you know, this year we turn 30 years old, and on Saturday July 7, we have organized the Commemorative Golf solidarity tournament, offering all our players the opportunity to play in the exclusive Golf Santander, in the Financial City of Santander (Boadilla del Monte, Madrid). Tell your friends golf players! And if you are [...]