We work on the field to support our Salvadoran Youth Training Project

Our Coordinator of Cooperation Projects, Belén Valenzuela, is now in El Salvador. She has had the opportunity to meet with the team formed by the professionals of Cidep and Fundación del Valle responsible for carrying out the project funded by the Generalitat Valenciana, in order to promote peaceful coexistence and social and economic inclusion of [...]

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The Comillas University delivers us the teaching materials for Guatemala

This morning we have collected the teaching materials for the project #ApS "Guatemáticas en Fr-acción". These materials have been prepared by students of 4th year of Teaching of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, with the supervision of Professor Elsa Santolalla. These materials will travel to Guatemala in a few days with our Cooperation Projects Coordinator Belén [...]

The Ramón y Cajal School, very satisfied with the Fundación del Valle’s “Educating in Sustainable Development Values” program

  Yesterday ended the Awareness Workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals which we did impart over the course of 2 weeks in the Ramón y Cajal School from Madrid. Thanks to the collaboration of several volunteers from Fundación del Valle, the students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary and 1st and 2nd of ESO [...]

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We took part in the Impact Forum meeting with Sir Ronald Cohen

                                      On June 12, Foro Impacto and the Spanish Association of Foundations organized a meeting with Sir Ronald Cohen (President of the Global Steering Group of Impact Investment), intended for presidents and general directors of Foundations, to [...]

New “Initiation to Volunteerism” session imparted by Desarrollo y Asistencia

  Desarrollo y Asistencia, our collaborating NGO, offers those who may be interested the possibility of starting a volunteerism programme also now, mid-course. This month they will be imparting a new "Initiation to Volunteerism" session. It will be on Saturday, March 30th, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The location will be, as usual, Calle [...]