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In August our new “Professionalizing the Youth of Europe” project, funded by the Erasmus+ Youth program, will begin

The Erasmus+ Youth program finances a mobility of workers in which 4 Spaniards and 4 Portuguese will participate, in collaboration with Cooperativa de Telheiras for a Promoção da Solidariedade e da Cultura, CRL (our partner [...]


“Building a Solidary Europe”: a project currently underway funded by the Erasmus+ Youth program

The Erasmus+ Youth program finances a youth exchange in which 7 young Spaniards welcome 9 young Belgians, 8 young Lithuanians and 8 Latvians. All are students, with fewer opportunities, between 13 and 25 years of [...]


We held the XI Fundación del Valle solidarity golf tournament at Santander Golf

On Saturday, July 13, we organized the XI Fundación del Valle Golf Tournament at the Santander Golf Club (in the Financial City of Santander, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid), . The course, considered as one of [...]


We work on the field to support our Salvadoran Youth Training Project

Our Coordinator of Cooperation Projects, Belén Valenzuela, is now in El Salvador. She has had the opportunity to meet with the team formed by the professionals of Cidep and Fundación del Valle responsible for carrying [...]


The Comillas University delivers us the teaching materials for Guatemala

This morning we have collected the teaching materials for the project #ApS "Guatemáticas en Fr-acción". These materials have been prepared by students of 4th year of Teaching of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, with the supervision [...]