What we do

The projects we run in collaboration with local partners correspond to three key performance areas: ‘Cooperation for Development Projects’, ‘Educational Promotion of Women’ and ‘Promotion of Volunteerism’:

Direct beneficiaries of our projects



Since its inception, Fundación del Valle has supported projects in the field of childhood education through building schools; over 50% of our initiatives are focused on supporting children.

Throughout its life, Fundación del Valle, together with local partners and with support from donors, has made possible the construction of 120 Integrated Child Development Centres in Honduras and El Salvador so that children in rural communities can have access to a classroom, education, nutrition and quality health care.

Since 1995, over 15,000 children have received support in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru and Kenya because of the work of our team.

Young people


In developing countries, where rural poverty, high school dropout levels and lack of coverage are common in education, young people in rural communities and slums of large cities have no chance of access to decent work.

The projects executed by Fundación del Valle in these countries are intended to promote training and the entry of these young people into the job market with the setting up of Leader Committees, Professional Training Centres and job placement programmes that promote the employment/self-employment of young trainees.

With our projects, over the past 10 years, we have provided educational support to more than 20,000 young people in Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, D. R. Congo and Kenya.



Women are key to human development in all areas and facets of life. Fundación del Valle believes that to guarantee women’s rights and encourage and promote women’s education is one of the surest ways of promoting the development and social change so necessary for many populations.

Specifically, basic training has been provided to a total of 3,200 women in Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala and Kazakhstan; training in rights has been provided to over 500 community leaders in Peru and El Salvador; and more than 2,300 Peruvian and Salvadoran women are now being supported to start up their own micro-enterprises.

Indigenous Peoples

intro-que-indigenasFundación del Valle is a pioneer in developing projects to benefit indigenous people and is committed to bilingual education adapted to the reality of the people living there. In the past 10 years, in close collaboration with local partners, Fundación del Valle has deployed one school for up to 1,500 children from native communities and 35 intercultural bilingual centres located in the same communities. With all this, we have educated over 15,000 Ashaninkas and Notmashiyenca children.

Meanwhile, since 2008, over 2,000 Guatemalan indigenous adults have been given literacy in their mother tongue language, promoting their training in rights and duties as citizens responsible for their own development.

Also, we do:


Fundación del Valle organizes training sessions such as the Fundraising Creating Social Impact course. You can sign up by filling in this Registration Form.

Solidarity Events:

Charity Golf Tournaments:

This year 2018 the dates are: Saturday May 26 at the RSHECC and Saturday July 7 at GOLF SANTANDER.

Charity Cinema:

The last one took place on December 21st, 2017, where we preview the film JUMANJI Welcome to the Jungle.

Other solidarity initiatives:

Charity Christmas cards

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