Ivory Coast

We work in Ivory Coast supporting the educational and advocacy role of women in the rural economy, promoting the education and training to become an important part of community development. In this way we improve the quality of various educational infrastructure so that young students have adequate space to motivate and encourage them to continue their studies.

Projects (2015-2016)

  • Socio local: AIFUP
  • Nº de beneficiarios directos: 71 mujeres
  • Nº de beneficiarios indirectos: 350 personas
  • Financiador: Fundación Roviralta
  • Importe subvencionado: 8.000,00 euros
  • Coste total del proyecto: 15.889,00 euros

Objetivo General: Mejorar la empleabilidad y liderazgo de 60 mujeres de la zona rural de Toumbokro del Distrito de Yamoussoukro.

Objetivo Específico: Mejorar la empleabilidad y liderazgo de 60 mujeres de la zona rural de Toumbokro y Yamoussoukro.


Gracias al apoyo de la Fundación Roviralta, se han adquirido los equipamientos necesarios para el taller de cocina-repostería y para el taller de técnicas agrícolas.

Los nuevos equipamientos adquiridos han permitido mejorar la formación técnica de 71 mujeres y gracias a los nuevos conocimientos adquiridos estas mujeres han mejorado sus hábitos nutricionales y son capaces de montar un pequeño negocio permitiéndoles obtener ingresos a corto plazo y por lo tanto mejorar sus condiciones de vida y de sus familias.

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Projects (2012-2014)

  • Local Partner: ADESC
  • Nº of Direct beneficiaries: 50
  • Nº of Indirect beneficiaries: 500
  • Financing: Fundación Roviralta
  • Amount funded: 10.000 €
  • Total cost: 10.914,52 €

Aim:  to provide suitable accommodation for young college students with limited resources, thus contributing to the promotion and formation of Ivorian women; and the opportunity to complete their training activities and courses organized by the Training Center Marahoue, carrying out business in Abidjan.

Achieved: Shelter and decent living conditions have been provided to 25 young women students from poor backgrounds living far from the university. Likewise, literacy has been instilled in 25 children from slum neighbourhoods of “Karidja”.


  • Local Partner: ADESC
  • Nº of Direct beneficiaries: 60
  • Nº of Indirect beneficiaries: 1.500
  • Financing: Fundación Harena
  • Amount funded: 20.000 euros
  • Total cost: 158.000 euros

Aim: To improve the health situation in the southern region of Ivory Coast. Specifically it is concerned with preventive health action for older people in rural areas.

Achieved: The project allow quality health care to be brought to older people who have diseases peculiar to their age and work in the country.