In Ecuador we have collaborated in the construction of the Development Center for children with disabilities ‘La Joya’, opened in Otavalo on November 12, 2011.

Projects (2010-2014)

  • Local Partner: Guaguacuna Ecuador
  • Members of the Convention:Fundación Sepla Ayuda and  APMIB
  • Number of direct beneficiaries: 280
  • Number of Indirect beneficiaries: 2.900
  • Financing: Generalitat de Valencia
  • Grant: 203.028 €
  • Total cost: 374.607 €

Aim: Crear en Otavalo un Centro integral de atención a personas con discapacidad intelectual.

Achieved: The ‘La Joya’ Centre now caters to 54 children, providing specialist care according to their disability. One of the greatest contributions to the project is the technical training which APMIB offers to local staff, a condition that ensures the Centre’s long term sustainability.

La Joya is the first center of its kind that exists in the canton of Otavalo. The quality of management has accelerated the process of coordination for enrichment and comprehensive approach to each individual case and general disability.

The Center has expanded its services so that it is now able to provide health coverage for children, through coordination with other institutions. In addition, from June 2012 neurological care is provided.

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