Our work in Guatemala began in 2001 and has centred on Guatemala City and its metropolitan area, as well as on rural areas of the western and central highlands. Projects focusing on literacy and educational quality have primarily targeted indigenous girls and women, a group that suffers from severe economic and social discrimination. These initiatives have benefited more than 4,000 indigenous women, driving their empowerment and qualification through bilingual literacy (Mayan-Spanish), human rights training, leadership development and participation in local and state politics.

We also work with young people to support their training and provide vocational guidance.

Projects (2011-2012-2013)

  • Local partner: ACOE
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 80 women
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 480 people
  • Sponsor: Fundacion Roviralta
  • Subsidized Cost: 10,000 €
  • Total Cost: 24,421.54 €

Aim: Train women in areas related operational level hospitality industry for which there is demand for hotels and restaurants operating in Antigua Guatemala.

Achieved: This project was approved in 2012; however, the start date is in January 2013, so there is no relevant data to report.

  • Local partner: ANDESCO and CNPRE
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 5,391 people (2,892 women)
  • Sponsor: AECID
  • Subsidized Cost: 343,720 €
  • Total Cost: 497,053€

Achieved: The project is implemented in 26 schools in Santo Tomás Chichicastenango, Quiché. Throughout 2012, has managed to strengthen the policy established by the Ministry of Education in Intercultural Bilingual Education through improving the quality of education and training of 285 teachers, as well as attending to the educational community (3,500 elementary students, 1,500 of basic cycle). Thus, it has enhanced the cultural identity of indigenous peoples in El Quiché, building management and educational organization from its worldview and rights.

  • Socio Local: FUNDAP
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 2,013
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 10,065
  • Sponsor: Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas
  • Subsidized Cost: 140,050 €
  • Total Cost: 192,500 €

Aim: The project seeks to identify, raise awareness, support in training and provide business advice to women and youth who reside in the departments of San Marcos and Totonicapán, so they can develop or strengthen skills for insertion on self-employed or labor market, specially in their own communities, thereby achieving to provide tools and skills to enable them to access better economic conditions for their families, which can thus access to better services such as education, health and nutrition.

Achieved: 706 girls and women have agreed to various technical training programs, 63 people have received business counseling and follow-up, 30% of young people and women have succeeded in integrating into the labor market.


  • Local partner: FIECA
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 1,458
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 78,000
  • Sponsor: AECID
  • Subsidized Cost: 300,000€
  • Total cost: 415,346 €

Aim: Empower and individually and collectively empower women from indigenous communities through literacy, human rights training (individual and collective) and promoting leadership and civic participation.

Achieved: More than 400 adults have completed a second phase of bilingual literacy. It also has supported the organization of 28 local networks of directives and associations of the communities served by the project. Through them, the participants were sensitized on the importance of organizing and unifying efforts to promote the empowerment of women and their communities. In addition, the training held on “Citizen Participation and advocacy” have led to the participation in the promotion of programs and projects, focusing on the prioritization of their needs and gender-equitable solutions.

  • Local partner: FUNDAP
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 1,250
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 3,600 familias
  • Sponsor: Obra Social Caja Madrid
  • Subsidized Cost: 20,000€
  • Total Cost: 40,663.72 €

Aim: Promote skills development in young people in rural communities, providing income. This training is conducted educational workshops, tours and trade shows targeted at parents, teachers, principals and students.

Achieved: 16 schools have been supported and organized various activities to sensibiilzar the public about the importance of education and its relationship to the advancement of the community.

Flagship Project

  • Socio Local: FUNDAPemblematico
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 1,251
  • Indirect Beneficiarios: 6,255
  • Sponsor: Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha
  • Subsidized Cost: 319,716 €
  • Total Cost: 457,885 €

To improve educational opportunities for girls, training opportunities for young woman and employment opportunities for adult women. This project has improved access to credit for more than a thousand women, organized in 46 communal banks. 800 women have received business training, later providing a multiplier effect in their communities


800 women have received business training, providing a subsequent multiplier effect in their communities.

Over one thousand women have gained access to credit, enabling them to start/improve businesses, thanks to the creation of 49 communal banks.

The 12% earned in interest from each one of these banks is given annually to the PEVI programme to finance scholarships for girls. As such, in 2007, scholarships were awarded to 60 girls, and to 75 in 2008, with capacity to award up to 300 scholarships by the end of the project.

Finally, we have managed to improve the employability of 25 young people during the project’s implementation through their participation in technical training courses in bakery, beauty and agribusiness.