Since 2004, Fundación del Valle has supported projects that promote integrated, human and cultural education of the country’s women, so that they are able to participate more and more effectively in society and improve the environment in which they live.

Projects (2011-2015)

  • Local Partner: KFSCED
  • Nº of Direct beneficiaries: 600
  • Nº of Indirect beneficiaries 1.500
  • Sponsor: Private donations of Fundacion del Valle, CAN, Fundacion Harena
  • Grant awarded: 20.000 €
  • Total cost: 90.000 €

Aim:  To encourage college students and young professionals to participate actively in social programmes for the development of rural women with limited resources.


  • Local partner: KFSCED
  • Nº of Direct beneficiaries: 750
  • Nº of Indirect beneficiaries: 3.500
  • Sponsor: Fundación Roviralta
  • Grant: 18.000 euros
  • Total cost: 143.089 euros

Aim: To help rural women enter the labour market in this sector, and combine their technical training with the acquisition of an integrated education.

Achieved: In 2011, the remodeling of the Work Study Center (TSC) has been completed, and it has acquired the right equipment for the classrooms where more than 100 rural women receive professional training.