Since 1995 we support projects that strengthen women as key development of the country through economic aid and social initiatives in sectors like education and health.

Projects (2012-2016)

  • Local partner: Kimlea Center- Kianda Foundation
  • Sponsor: Donaciones privadas

Aim: Improve access to education and vocational training for young women from rural areas in la Escuela Kimlea Hospitality and Agricultural Techniques Professional Training Centre.

Achieved: Since 2010, over 460 women have received professional training in the hospitality industry and agriculture, among other areas, thus facilitating their integration into the labor market.

Sheila Kiconco is 17 years old, the 4th born in a family of six children. Her mother died when she was 9 years old. Her father married again and abandoned them. Her big brother, with no education, worked very hard to educate the rest and thanks to that she managed to finish school.

Early this year this brother also died and that made Sheila with no hope of further education. But Sheila got to know about the scholarship programme through a contact in her village and got a place. She has learnt how to prepare many dishes, how to follow recipes, to use ovens, deep fat fryer, potato peeler, vegetable cutter and mixer, all of which she had never even seen before. She is very happy and hopes to train her brother™s wife during the holidays so that she can also raise some money for her family.

Sheila Kinonco, Estudiante

Hanifah Natongo is 21 years old and the 7th born in a family of sixteen children. Her deceased father had many wives and after his death most of these children were left in the care of Hanifah™s mother, who earns 30 euros every month which is too little to cater for the needs of her large family including food and school fees. Sometimes they only have one meal a day and other times the older ones have to go without food so that the younger ones have something to eat.  All of them live in a very small house of two bedrooms. Often times, what keeps them going is the little aid they receive from well-wishers which comes once in a while.

Hanifah is very happy for the opportunity of her training and she says she has learnt a lot since she came. She is now able to bake cakes and decorate them with minimum supervision. What impressed her most in the school are the machines they use in the kitchen and she is very keen on learning how to operate each of them. Her dream after completing her studies is to bake and sell cakes to shops and supermarkets, wedding cakes – when she gets the chance, and later to run an Outside Catering business. That way, she says, she will be able to help her mother to take care of the family and to educate her younger brothers and sisters. Her older siblings did not go to school and hence they are not able to help the family much.

Janifa Natongo, Estudiante
Janifa Natongo, Estudiante
  • Local Partner: Kianda Foundation
  • Nº of Direct Beneficiaries: 600 children
  • Nº of Indirect Beneficiaries: 1.500
  • Financing: Obra social La Caixa and individual donors
  • Amount funded: 20.000 €
  • Total project cost: 672.000 €

Achieved: Construction of a school for children aged 1-6 years, provision of school materials to generate appropriate learning environments.


Flagship project

  • Local Partner: Kianda Foundation
  • Grant: 126.212,54 €
  • Financing: AECID
  • Total cost: 275.212,54 €

Aim: To ensure opportunities for women working in agriculture, manufacturing and food production. Also, to promote the development of social training activities involving women in the development of the region.

Achieved: With this project, 100% of the students who received training sessions in this project have been employed in institutions or have consolidated their own family business.

lucynungariEl acceso a la asistencia médica, uno de los indicadores del desarrollo humano, es en Kenia de un médico por cada 18.600 habitantes. Los niveles de salud, higiene y nutrición son muy bajos. Miles de niños fallecen antes de los diez años por falta de atención médica o acceso a tratamiento.

El Programa de salud CHEP ha sido diseñado por el Dispensario Kimlea de Kianda Foundation para satisfacer las necesidades médicas de los/las niños/as del área de Tigoni y combatir los niveles de mortalidad infantil y desnutrición de la zona.

El objetivo de CHEP es ayudar a 6.000 personas (4.200 niños/as de entre 2 y 14 años de edad) y 1.800 adultos por un periodo de 10 años. A través de esta iniciativa, los beneficiarios tendrán acceso a los servicios médicos que incluyen chequeos regulares, la consulta del médico, servicios de orientación y de tratamiento en materia de medicamentos o intervenciones tales como la cirugía.

3.050 niños/as ya reciben servicios gratuitos de salud a través del programa de CHEP.

50 euros pueden garantizar la salud de los/as niños/as durante los próximos 10 años.

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