Projects (2013-2014)

  • Local partner: Instituto Emil Negrutiu
  • Nº of Direct Beneficiaries: 130 students
  • Sponsor: 2007-2013 Romanian Structural Funds, under Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (POS-DRU) and financed by the European Social Fund
  • Subsidised Cost: 386.641,24€
  • Total Cost: 394.431,88€

Aim: The project focuses motivating students to achieve better school results, with the aim of contributing to a decrease in the school dropout rate, facilitating access to higher education and labour market participation.

Achieved: In August 2012, twelve students from Instituto Emil Negrutiu travelled to Madrid to take part in a series of activities designed to enhance their professional skills and develop their capacities for teamwork. As part of the programme, the students studied the management of various companies, acquiring the skills to develop a business plan or study the conditions to open a franchise in their own country.


dianarumania“What I liked most about this programme is that it has given us the opportunity to discover what we want to focus on in the future, and has also given us skills and shared new knowledge.”