Educational Promotion of Women

Women are key to human development in all areas and facets of life. For this reason, Fundación del Valle strongly supports education for women, since it benefits the family, community and environment. The projects which Fundación del Valle undertakes in this field follow two strategic lines:

vinosSupport of Youth Associations and Educational Centres

Fundación del Valle supports and promotes the management of various Youth Associations which develop activities aimed at the cultural, professional and personal development of young people and women.

In this regard, we support projects with the central goal of educating and fostering the motivation of your people in solid and permanent values through a broad programme of cultural, educational, family, volunteering, leisure and sports activities to complement integrated, cultural and human training.

This general objective can be translated into specific objectives such as strengthening the authority of the family, increasing their participation in the education of their children, promoting alternative and enriching leisure time, improving school performance by generating habits of personal effort, and much more.

Some of the associations that we support include: Asociación Cultural para el Progreso de la Formación “El Pinar”, Asociación Cultural Guadalba, Asociación La Vereda, Asociación Cultural Los Enebros, Asociación Cultural El Ensancho and Asociación Cultural Robledo.

Educational programmes and youth exchanges between European countries

International projects for the socio-cultural promotion of women

Fundación del Valle supports international partnerships for the socio-cultural promotion of women. The main objective of these associations is to support the education structures and the provision of Quality in academic and vocational education.