International projects for Socio-cultural Promotion of Women

These projects seek to finance and equip associations set up in developed countries to promote social activities among the youth of these countries. In this way, the aim is to raise the social fabric of the first world regarding the importance of mutual cooperation.

Support to Thames Foundation

The main mission of this Foundation, based in London, is to promote voluntary activities among young people with integration problems. In 2006, the Foundation was part of the “Young Volunteering Opportunities Project”, whose aim was to increase opportunities in the voluntary sector for young people, facilitating participation in integration activities in the community to which they belong.

Another project which we have been working with is the “Hillcrest Project”, whose aim is to train girls between 6 and 19 years through sports and cultural activities.

We work with the Fontana Nuova Association

This association, located in Rome, is the result of an initiative by a group of professional involved in the education of young people. It sets out three specific areas of action: Education and Training, Youth integration and social responsibility, and the promotion and dissemination of culture.

Fundación del Valle supports this venture as a specific objective of the implementation of educational initiatives and the promotion of quality in vocational training through specialized courses, workshops, the exchange of experiences with other organizations, coordinating courses, seminars and workshops, and through the development of intercultural dialogue and understanding between European countries and the rest of the world, recognizing the contribution of culture to the development of youth and women.


Construction of the International Center for Research and Humanistic Studies (September 2012).