Learning and exchange programs for young people in Europe

Project ‘Activating your inactive time’, within the program ‘Youth in Action’ of the European Commission (2013)


‘Activating your inactive time’ is a project subsidized by the Injuve with 9,114 euros under the Youth in Action Programme. Nine young Slovenians will come to Spain for an intercultural exchange with 9 young Spanish, all students recently completed their studies or searching for their first job.

The project’s goal is to promote young people’s active participation in the wise use of leisure and unemployment, through a program of activities and outdoor sports and volunteering with young people with fewer opportunities, to encourage the development of their social and personal skills and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Project ‘Openned to Europe’, within the program ‘Youth in Action’ of the European Commission (2012).


Fundacion del Valle takes part once again in the program ‘Youth in Action’ through the project ‘Open Europe’, funded with 7,686€ by Injuve, the agency responsible for managing the program in Spain.

Through this project, a group of eight young Slovenian traveled to Spain to participate in an exchange with eight other young Spanish to promote learning about the European Union based on the knowledge of their roots, peoples and cultures, and raising their awareness on responsibility of building the future Europe.


Project ‘Communicating Arts’, within the program ‘Youth in Action’ of the European Commission (2011)


The ‘Youth in Action’ has been promoted by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union. Our project ‘Communicating Arts’, funded with 12,678 euros for the Injuve, is part of this initiative, within the framework of European exchange programs.

Developed in collaboration with the British organization Wonder, promoted by young people for the development of women and the promotion of volunteerism, the goal of ‘Communicating Arts’ is to encourage young people to include art in volunteering as a form of expression and social relationship of the person. To do this, there will be different arts from painting and photography, to theater and dance, through the forms of written expression.

Through this project, we will promote the exchange between 30 young people in the UK and 30 young Spanish with the aim of promoting active citizenship and participants as well as to promote the values of solidarity and tolerance.