Support for Youth Associations and Education Centres

Associations we are currently collaborating with


Guadalba Cultural Association began work in April 2009 and has the strategy to support the family as the basic and indispensable base of society. Its main objective is complete education of the individual.

Guadalba realises different cultural and educational activities for young people, such as “directed study”, Computing, English, music and above all a comprehensive programme of sports, leisure alternatives and recreational enrichment, as well as family activities such as conferences, “running the household”, “literary café”, excursions and competitions.

La Vereda Cultural Association began operations over 30 years ago and aims to assist the family in their children’s education and training and development of study time and leisure for young people. Some of the key activities of this association are: Theatre Workshops, crafts, planning and evaluation of school performance, responsible access to communication networks and sports. Seminars, family counselling programs, fashion and culinary courses for the family.

Cultural Association for the Advancement of Training “El Pinar” began operations in 2005 and has as its main purpose the development of culture in its broadest bibliotecasense and the education of young people through sports, literary, ethical and educational activities. The main activities of this association are: Music, study habits, dance, theatre, cultural visits and sports competitions for young people and a broad programme aimed at families with round tables, lectures, and home management.

All these associations also have a clear objective to educate people as to their commitment to contribute to society with the best of himself or herself through numerous volunteer activities.


Project 'Educating in values, education with value'

The purpose of this project is to educate and train the youth will sound values and permanent through an extensive program of cultural, family, and volunteer training to complement all of the integral formation of the human person and cultural . The program also aims to strengthen the authority of the family, increasing their participation in the education of children.

Fundación del Valle will carry out this program of activities in its Cultural Youth Association ‘El Pinar’. The activities have a total of 7 monitors volunteers highlight innovation of this project for its personal attention to each and every one of its beneficiaries.

The program has been funded with € 12,000 for the Foundation “La Caixa”.


Educational Centres


One of our flagship projects within the Education Promotion of Women is undoubtedly Centro Educativo Fuenllana.

In 2003, Fundación del Valle took on the construction of this educational centre in the south of Madrid, more exactly in Alcorcón, in order to respond to the demand for education as a result of the area’s population growth, its high school age population, inadequate educational initiatives and expanding industrial base.

Fuenllana Education Centre is a vocational training centreincorporated with Education Department of la Comunidad de Madrid, with over 30 years experience in teaching and with social interest declared in December 1975. It now has a complete educational offer: Nursery, Primary, secondary school and Vocational and Higher Education Training .

It is a comprehensive educational programme which helps to increase the rate of achievement and the education of families and young people who would not otherwise be able to access a school and vocational training. This has meant a non-profit project, funded through private donations from individuals and businesses.

Since 2009, this school has had its own Foundation, Fundación Fuenllana, which directly channels some of these partnerships.

Know more about Fuenllana in this video: