Corporate Volunteering

At Fundacion del Valle we promote Corporate Volunteering (VC) as a way for the company to provide its employees the opportunity to perform voluntary actions, either in Spain or other countries in which we develop cooperation projects. In this way, employees can share their knowledge and professional experiences with other communities and both, the employee and the company, acquire a direct commitment to the eradication of poverty.

We help companies to implement corporate volunteer programs, providing a space in which to share best practices, tools and knowledge to achieve their effective management.

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Responsible Companies

MDtel Telecomunicaciones

companylogoviewDuring 2011, we have coordinated in collaboration with the company MDtel Telecommunications a project aimed at improving the skills in the New Communication and Information Technologies area of CIDEP, Local Partner in El Salvador. Throughout 2012, we will develop the last two phases of the project.

In the words of Alfredo Rodri­guez Aguero, the MDtel Director of Client Engineering: “Our participation in the project has served two objectives: improving infrastructures as an element of value in itself and offering up our experience and skill for practical training of some people who have become trained as structured cabling systems technicians”.

Manuel Landaverde, Coordinator of the Paracentral Region of CIDEP: “This collaboration has institutionally strengthened CIDEP and has a positive repercussion in the service which we provide the beneficiary town of our projects, the majority of whom live in rural areas of El Salvador, living in poverty-stricken conditions”.

Proactiva Medio Ambiente Mexico

Between September and November 2012 we coordinated with Proactiva Mexico, a company specializing in the integrated management of water and waste, a volunteer project with BiFam, a Mexican organization that supports children and families at risk of social exclusion. Proactive volunteers organized a series of discussions with children and adults about the care and conservation of water, among other educational activities with the children.