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Fundación del Valle accepts all donations, whether public or private, applicable to a particular purpose or without specific purpose, provided that the purpose requested by the donor meets the values and mission of Fundación del Valle. Check our financial investment policy.

Based on our commitment of transparency, data on our finance providers during 2016 is given below:

Transparency in the development and achievement of all we do in the Foundation is an intrinsic part of how we operate. Therefore, our partners and donors receive regular updates on the development of projects, as well as the source and application of expenses, through various sources: monthly newsletter, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, the website of the Foundation, Activities Reports, brochures and even have available for consultation ‘Assessment Reports’ of projects implemented.

Fundación del Valle understood as Partners, those natural or legal persons who support the Foundation with a financial contribution, on a regular basis and indefinite.

Fundación del Valle understood as Donors, natural or legal persons who support the Foundation with a contribution of ad hoc and without obligation of continuity with their contributions.