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At Fundación del Valle we work towards making education, not a privilege, but a right for all, and also towards the goal that women have a social position which they deserve. Besides our own efforts, we need your help, so that we can keep on striving for the common good and social justice. Will you join us? There are many ways that you can get involved and help us: making a donation, becoming a sponsor, becoming a Friend of Fundación del Valle. If you are an organisation with a goal of being socially responsible, you can also become a Friendy Company.

True to our commitment to transparency in management, our partners and donors receive regular updates about the development of projects, as well as the source and application of expenses, through various means: monthly newsletter, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, the website of the Foundation Activities Reports, brochures and even have available for consultation the ‘Assessment Reports’ of the projects implemented.


By providing education, we can reduce poverty and achieve Peace. We can bring on opportunity, we can change the world. Are you with us?


Fundación del Valle understood as Partners, those natural or legal persons who support the Foundation with a financial contribution, on a regular basis and indefinite. Number of members: 204

Fundación del Valle understood as Donors, natural or legal persons who support the Foundation with a contribution of ad hoc and without obligation of continuity with their contributions. Number of donors: 48