End of the activity of the Project “Europe works for you to work”


In May 2017, the Erasmus + program finances Fundación del Valle the project EUROPE WORKS FOR YOUR WORK in which three member countries of the European Union – Spain, Finland and Estonia – exchange practices with the aim of promoting high-quality work in the field of education,  that responds to the needs of young people in search of employment, through new methodologies that favor the training required by the current labor market.

The program of activities began in September of 2017 and has finished this month of June of 2018.

During these months, 11 workers, from three youth organizations, have carried out an important activity of analysis and research on the causes and consequences of the high level of unemployment among young people in Europe, the importance of improving the quality of work in the field of youth and the need to encourage the training and participation of young people in programs that increase their employability.

A total of 42 young students, in search of employment, have actively participated in training programs and career guidance, in education programs in values ​​and promotion of volunteering and in programs for reconciliation and professional inclusion of women.

Through an innovative, intercultural, dynamic and digital methodology, the project has managed to increase the professionalism of the workers participating in the project through the development of high-quality skills and the implementation of effective programs to promote the training required by the labor market current to young people in search of employment; all the young beneficiaries of the project have acquired the training, orientation and training necessary to access a job; and three entities in the field of youth, from three member countries of the Union, have strengthened their cooperation and increased their capacity to work at the transnational level.

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