The European Association “Europe works for you to work “ carried out its first transnational meeting of the project in Helsinki, Finland, last 22, 23, 24 and 25 June 2017.

Two participants attended this meeting from each partner institution: Maria Leticia E. Diez Estella and Mónica Sanz from FUNDACION DEL VALLE -FDV (Spain), Natividad Villacampa and Mónica García-Salmones of KULTTUURIN JA KEHITYKSEN EDISTAMISYHDISTYS RY – KKE ry (Finland) and Cristina Amorós and Mari Urb of MTÜ Kultuur ja Perekond (Estonia).

The three partner entities exchanged practices and experience with the aim of promoting high quality work in the field of youth, that responds to the needs of young people seeking employment, through new methodologies that favor training required by the current labour market.

The project establishes three transnational meetings. The objective of this first meeting is to design and plan the overall activity of the project as well as its digital platform.

Based on this objective, from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 June, the participants who attended the international meeting carried out the following working sessions:

  • Thursday, June 22

First working session:

Signing of agreements: Formalization of the Association, Formalization of the Management Committee and Agreements of the workers.

  • Friday 23 June

Second working session:

The Management Committee shared the previous activities to be carried out before beginning the implementation of the main activity of the project. These activities are being worked via skype and the objective is to concretise them in this first transnational meeting:

Distribution of tasks and responsibilities of each partner according to their experience and capacity.

Definition of project phases: Preparation, implementation, evaluation and dissemination.

Design and planning of the activities to be carried out in the project.

Analysis of the competences and knowledge to be developed in the project.

Definition of the methodology of work.

Creation of a Quality System and project risk control.

Identification of expected results.

Design of a dissemination plan.

Definition of a Project Evaluation System.

Certification and validation of learning outcomes.

Third working session:

The workers shared the activities carried out by them in each partner entity, started on May 1, 2017, when the project started and during the preparation phase. At this meeting, the main milestones of these activities are promoted and established.

Definition of problems to be addressed.

Diagnosis of programs and working methods that favor the training required by the labor market.

Definition of the competences to be acquired by the workers.

Preparation and arrangement of material and contents of the project.

Design and development of a digital platform.

  • Saturday 24 June

Fourth working session:

The workers, led by the project coordinator (VSF) and the Management Committee, defined and materialized the rules and guidelines established for the proper functioning of the Quality System and Risk Control project.

  • Sunday 25 June

Fifth and last work session:

Fundación del Valle carried a demo of the digital platform that, an external company, which the organization collaborates with, is designing and modeling, to begin to use in the implementation phase of the project.

The aim is  to use it for strategically use, and is of open and flexible learning, with virtual mobility and distance learning resources.