The Erasmus+ Youth program has financed a youth exchange project involving 30 young people from three member countries of the European Union: 10 from Spain, 12 from Poland and 8 from Slovenia. The meeting took place in Madrid.

The project goal is to promote the initiative of young people and their active participation in society through attention to migrants.

All these young participants, Spanish, Polish and Slovenian, have designed and worked together on the program of activities: workshops on the main theme of the project, volunteer activities with migrants, intercultural activities and deliberation spaces, based on the following specific goals:

  • Encourage the development of human values such as solidarity, tolerance and respect.
  • Enhance the critical thinking of young people.
  • Promote diversity.
  • Encourage intercultural dialogue.
  • Increase their language skills.

The main results achieved in young people have been:

  • They have enhanced their spirit of initiative.
  • They have actively and responsibly taken part in society.
  • They got engaged to social reality and sensitized to diversity.
  • They have developed values which are inherent to Europe, such as solidarity, tolerance and respect.
  • They have encouraged dialog among people from other countries and cultures.
  • They have achieved a greater intercultural awareness.
  • They have enhanced thinking and self-criticism.
  • They have improved their language skills.

All participants have validated their learning with the Youthpass certificate.