In August our new “Professionalizing the Youth of Europe” project, funded by the Erasmus+ Youth program, will begin


The Erasmus+ Youth program finances a mobility of workers in which 4 Spaniards and 4 Portuguese will participate, in collaboration with Cooperativa de Telheiras for a Promoção da Solidariedade e da Cultura, CRL (our partner organization in Portugal).

In the current context of migration crisis and a high rate of young people at risk of exclusion, the project “Professionalizing the youth of Europe” is dedicated to improving and fostering the skills of “Youth Workers” through the learning of new working methodologies and effective programs that reach disadvantaged youth, encourage their active participation and favor their inclusion in society.

For this purpose, a study visit will take place in Lisbon, in the month of August, and will last 10 days.

The project aims to develop the professionalism of people working in the field of the youth, innovating and improving the quality of work of organizations that will also increase their European and international dimension.

The project aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop high quality skills in workers in order to increase the professionalism of youth sector organizations.
  • Develop work methodologies and effective programs that reach the most disadvantaged young people.
  • Encourage the active participation of young people, who are difficult to access, in educational programs that favor their social inclusion.
  • Increase the capacity of work at a transnational level of the participating entities.

To carry out these objectives, the working methods used will be:

  • Learning through observation : Spanish workers will observe the development of integration programs carried out by Portuguese workers with young people at risk of exclusion.
  • Information exchange: workers from both countries will exchange knowledge, experience and good practices.
  • Project visits: Spanish participants will visit the main integration programs carried out by the Portuguese with young people at risk of exclusion, including refugees and migrants.
  • Reflection spaces: the participants will analyze and reflect about the knowledge acquired and evaluate the skills acquired and/or improved.

The Portuguese entity will deliver to the project its consolidated experience of working with young people at risk of exclusion and marginalization with whom the entity develops an important social integration activity; and the Spanish entity, will deliver its consolidated professional career in the direction and management of youth programs at the European and international levels.

With such an intercultural, dynamic, participatory, reflective and integrative methodology, the professionalization of workers in the youth field is best done to effectively alleviate the current problems of the migration crisis and the high rate of young people at risk of exclusion in Europe.


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