The Faculty of Biology of the Complutense University of Madrid carries out a research work together with Fundación del Valle


The Faculty of Biological Science of the Complutense University of Madrid, inside its Network of Work in Applied Research for development, has published the Multi-use species reforestation Manual, concerning the case of bamboo in the Bajo Lempa (El Salvador).

This work is part of the project “Cooperation in research and sustainable development in the region of Bajo Lempa, El Salvador: Pilot experience for the restoration of riparian forests”.

The institutions that have collaborated in the study are: The University of El Salvador, our local partner CORDES, the municipality of Tecoluca, along with Fundación del Valle.

As you know, El Salvador is located in Central America, in one of the great corridors of diversity, and like many other countries in its area, deforestation has been, and is, one of its major environmental problems.

Bamboo is being postulated as one of the alternatives to “traditional” species: its different benefits are discussed in these pages.

This handbook intends to be a small guide for producers in the area of Bajo Lempa, inspired by a workshop that took place in the area in September 2018 in the framework of an inter-university cooperation project (REF. 10) financed by the IV Convocatory of support for cooperation projects for sustainable development of the Complutense University of Madrid.  The partners for this project are: The University of El Salvador, Asociación-Fundación CORDES, Fundación del Valle and the Municipality of Tecoluca.



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