The General Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid invited Fundación del Valle to participate in the «Information Day on the Erasmus + Program: Youth», to share their work experience with the program and make it known to entities that can participate actively in the projects it promotes.

The sessions took place at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, on February 1, 2018.

Mónica Sanz, as head of the Department of Educational Projects and coordinator of all the Youth Exchanges developed by the Foundation, within the framework of the Erasmus + Youth program, explained her experience as organizers of this type of mobility projects and encouraged all the entities attending the Information Days to participate in the youth mobility programs, specifically in the Youth Exchanges, key action 1 of the program.

Fundación del Valle thanks the Community of Madrid for this invitation and the Erasmus + Youth program for the opportunity it offers young people to promote lifelong learning through non-formal education.