The main activity of «The way to Europe» project has started: a youth exchange financed by the Erasmus + Youth program in which two EU member countries are participating: Spain and Finland.

The aim of the project is to encourage young people to raise awareness of the European project and the values ​​of the Union so that they can build a united, open and united Europe.

The international meeting began on Saturday 14 October with the arrival of 12 young Finns, who were received by the Spanish group composed of 12 other young people.

The 20 participants, plus the 4 leaders, are carrying out the program of activities, set up by the young people themselves, for the 8 days of the exchange:

European workshops, cultural visits, spaces for reflection and completion of a 93Km stage of the Way from Santiago. Through these activities, the participants work on the following specific objectives:

  • Promoting European identity and awareness,
  • Promote respect and solidarity in the face of diversity,
  • Transmit the fundamental values ​​of society,
  • Promoting intercultural awareness,
  • Promoting the participation of young people in the democratic life of Europe,
  • Recognition of non-formal learning

Youth monitors from the participating institutions, Fundación del Valle (Spain) and Kulttuurin Ja Kehityksen Edistamisyhdistys Ry (Finland), provide the necessary support and support to young participants to achieve the expected results of the exchange:

  • Knowledge of the roots, peoples and cultures of Europe
  • Solidarity and respect for cultural, social and religious diversity
  • Willingness to rediscover and defend the values ​​of Europe
  • Openness to interculturality: dialogue, coexistence and interaction Participatory attitude in society
  • Improvement of language skills
  • English Validation of acquired competences