The Chancellor of the Comillas University receives and congratulates Fundación del Valle

The Chancellor of the Pontifical University of Comillas, Dr. P. Julio Martínez SJ, received on Monday February 19 at 5:00 p.m. the winning students of the ApS Project prize in the classroom, which was awarded with the first ACM award in the category of actions-, as well as Fundación del Valle, which has been the NGO with which they have worked on this university volunteer project called “Nuestra Acción se Multiplica”. The event took place in the Conference Room of the University’s headquarters at Alberto Aguilera Street in Madrid. The Chancellor gave a warm welcome to all and thanked and congratulated both the students who did the magnificent work of volunteering, – making the appropriate materials to send the teachers of the schools in Guatemala with which our local partner FUNDAP works -, as well as a Fundación del Valle represented by Belén Valenzuela, Coordinator of the Cooperation Department.

The Chancellor was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor Ana García-Mina, Mr. Carlos Prieto, Director of Comillas Solidaria and Elsa Santaolalla, Professor of Mathematics Didactics of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of Comillas, among others. Elsa Santaolalla explained the project “Our Action Multiplies” and Belén Valenzuela addressed the attendees again congratulating the teaching students who have so generously worked sharing their knowledge in favor of the needy. The amount of the prize has been donated entirely by the University to the Fundación del Valle Program “Scholarships for Girls” of FUNDAP Guatemala. This year, 2018, the University has also chosen Fundación del Valle to continue working on this line of volunteering.

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