On Friday, November 15, Fundación del Valle and CIDEP presented the “Youth Employability Route J-19.0” in San Salvador, with the aim of announcing to both private and public entities the methodological proposal of youth labor insertion which is being developed within the framework of the Community of Madrid project, where 124 young people have formally been hired by companies from the Nonualcos region.

This methodology gives special importance to the following purposes:

· the articulation of the different public and private actors involved in facilitating the right to work of young people.
· job guidance training for teachers and municipal employment managers.
· soft skills development for school and out of school youth.
· publicity of the different itineraries that young people must follow in order to find a job taking into account their profile.

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, Spanish Cooperation, INJUVE, the Mayors of the Nonualcos Municipalities Region, and members of civil society organizations, mainly young people @cidep @aecid_es @injuvespain @comunidadmadrid #rutadeempleabilidad