Last week, we went to Comillas University to receive, from Elsa Santaolalla and David Armisén, the materials that the 3rd and 4th Grade Primary Education students have developed to help rural public school teachers in Guatemala, in order to improve their educational quality.

In this video, Elsa and David talk to Eunice and Indira, coordinators of FUNDAP, (our local partner in Guatemala), in the moment that they deliver to Belén Valenzuela from Fundación del Valle, the materials that soon, she will carry and bring to Fundap in person.

The student Lola Saenz, from 4th Grade, has done her Final Degree Project on the theme “Dividing the action to group cultures”, a work that she makes very generously available to the teachers of Guatemala.

This project takes up and extends the ApS “Our action is multiplied” that carried out the last course.

On the other hand, the 3rd Grade students, also with great enthusiasm and generosity, have called their project “The Measure of our action”. All the 3rd grade materials have been made within the framework of the DIDACTICS OF MATHEMATICS subject. In this case, it is a project about the teaching and learning of measurement quantities. As you will see, the didactic materials have been prepared very professionally by the students:

Here are some of the videos that the students have filmed, explaining to the teachers of Guatemala how they have to use the materials they send them as well as how to carry out the activities with their students:

In the following links you can watch all the videos.

There are 2 lists: one consists of 6 videos, “Dividing the action to group cultures”:


and the other 24, “The measure of our action”: