We received young people from Estonia in a youth exchange financed by INJUVE





Last week, the main activity of the A YOUNG EUROPE ON AN OLD ROAD project took place: a youth exchange, financed by the Erasmus + Youth program in which two member countries of the Union have participated: Spain (Fundación del Valle) and Estonia ( MTÜ Kultuur ja Perekond).

With the aim of preventing intolerance among youth and promoting the acceptance of diversity, a total of 20 young people, 10 Spaniards and 10 Estonians, have gone through a stage of the Camino de Santiago, favoring the meeting of cultures and addressing issues such as migration and inclusion.

These young participants have worked on solidarity values which prevent discrimination and intolerance; they have promoted intercultural and intergenerational education, coming from the understanding of the European Path as a meeting of cultures and generations; and they have fostered European awareness among young people, coming from the knowledge of today’s Europe that consolidates a sense of belonging to the Union.

The international meeting began on April 25 with the arrival of the 10 young people from Estonia, who were received by the Spanish group composed of 10 other young people. The 16 participants, plus the 4 leaders, carried out the program of activities, established by the young people themselves, for the 7 days that the exchange lasted: European workshops, cultural visits, reflection spaces and the realization of a 93Km stage of the Camino de Santiago.

It’s been a very enriching experience and all of them have requested the accreditation of their newly acquired knowledge through the Youthpass certificate.


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