The Erasmus + Youth program has funded Fundación del Valle (Spain) and Haus Hallsteg (Austrian partner entity), the EUROPE project IS ALSO MUSIC: a youth exchange in which 10 young Spaniards have welcomed 10 young Austrians, all of them students from between 14 and 25 years old with a common hobby: music.

The meeting took place in Madrid. Last Thursday February 15 we received the Austrian group to carry out a program of cultural activities and volunteering, organized by the young people themselves, Spanish and Austrians, with the aim of strengthening interculturality, critical thinking and social sensitivity of the young people through music. The duration of the exchange has been 7 days, until Wednesday 21 February.


The connection between the young people has been very good and the degree of participation has been very satisfactory. It has been a hard-working, enthusiastic, decisive group and above all with a great desire to learn.

They have enjoyed the experience and have achieved the main results expected in the project:

  • Young people able to live and interact with people from other countries and cultures;
  • Young people with an attitude of tolerance and respect for social and cultural diversity;
  • Young people with initiative, capacity for expression, communication and reflection;
  • Young people who are sensitive and committed to social reality.

Partner entities achieve a greater European dimension and strengthen transnational cooperation.

Music has undoubtedly been the link of cultural union and volunteering one of the activities that has enriched them the most. For both groups this has been the first time they have participated in a mobility project. The Austrian group did not even know this type of exchange and the Spanish group had attended some European day of the Foundation.